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Citrix Receiver for Windows 10help and info

  • 1. What is Citrix Receiver for Windows 10?

    Citrix Receiver for Windows 10 is an application that helps you connect to your office server on your Windows device. The application only works with Citrix servers. This tool comes in handy for people who would like to access their office programs and files without having to download the files locally. The tool comes up with a virtual desktop setup to get things done.

  • 2. Is Citrix Receiver free?

    Yes, Citrix Receiver is free to download and use. However, it ties in with the back-end offerings of Citrix such as NetScaler Cloud Gateway, XenApp and XenDesktop. Combining NetScaler and Citrix offers single sign-on across all devices and apps.

  • 3. Are the server applications transported to the Windows device?

    The application presents a virtual desktop setup. All the files and programs you see on your computer screen are still located on the office server. When you view a document or open a program, the files basically are not on your computer. The app essentially presents you multiple screen shots that let you know the status of your office server.

  • 4. What files and programs does Citrix Receiver work with?

    The files and programs you could access using this app are ascertained by the contents of your office Citrix server and the permissions accorded to you by the Citrix administrator. In other words, you would be able to access everything that you can access when you are in office.

  • 5. What activities can you perform using the tool?

    With Citrix Receiver, you can open programs, make alterations to spreadsheets, check email messages and also be part of office meetings virtually. All of this is possible or would become seamless only if you have a reliable and fairly speedy Internet connection – cellular or Wi-Fi.

  • 6. What are the server requirements?

    The dedicated server should have the particular Citrix software installed. The server must also have XenApp and XenDesktop installed. The Citrix administrator should provide you with a security certificate to facilitate easy app-server connection. Most commercial certificates, such as Thawte and VeriSign, work with Citrix.

  • 7. How to get started after installing Citrix Receiver?

    Post-installation, usually, the right URL must be launched in a browser to validate and use virtual desktops and applications. At times, you would have to configure your Citrix account by entering server address or your email. In case of doubts, you can seek assistance from your system administrator.

  • 8. Is uninstalling the previous version to use the new version required?

    Citrix Receiver automatically replaces several prior Receiver versions, along with the online plug-ins. However, certain versions may have to be manually removed before you could install Receiver’s most recent version. If so, the tool would prompt you about the same.

  • 9. What is ‘follow-me-data’?

    ‘Follow-me-data’ is a Citrix Receiver feature that makes accessing data from any device accessible. Also, it offers remote-wipe capabilities that guarantee data security – if a device is stolen or lost, or an employee quits the firm.

  • 10. How does Citrix Receiver fare against its competition?

    Citrix has a massive head-start within its domain on its rivals. It has at least a couple of years of lead in doing things they do. In fact, even the most credible Citrix Receiver alternatives are not anywhere close to the number of platforms, environments and systems as Citrix.